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Scrapie Monitoring Scheme Members - TSE sampling & testing for Sheep & Goats over 18 months of age

As a member of the Scrapie  Monitoring Scheme you commit to sending all fallen stock over 18 months of age  for TSE testing. Until now this has involved SMS members taking the dead  animals to the Regional Veterinary Laboratories of APHA (England & Wales) or Disease Surveillance Centres of SAC Consulting (Scotland).

From the 1st August 2016 SMS members will be able to ask for TSE testing to be done on Sheep  and Goats by those fallen stock collectors who are members of the National  Fallen Stock Company (NFSCo) and are registered sampling sites (see list  below). They will also collect and dispose of the carcass. This new service is in addition to the  existing routes for TSE testing (APHA and SAC).

To use this service:

You must be a member of NFSCO if you wish to use the NFSCO  collection service. It is free to join with no annual subscription. Please  contact the NFSCO helpline on 01335 320014 to register.

You will be charged a fee for the fallen stock collection, carcass disposal, sampling & TSE testing. Please see the list  below for  the cost of sampling and testing but note these costs do not include the  collection and disposal of the carcass that will  be charged at the collectors own  rate so please ensure you check this when arranging for a collection.

If you choose to use the service clearly mark the dead animal  for SMS testing e.g. put a label on it prior to collection and advise the  collector a sample for testing is required  when arranging the collection of the carcass with the collector.

All fallen stock MUST be accompanied by the   submission form  which must be given to the driver on  collection of the fallen stock. Please give the driver 2 copies. Copies of the submission form can be downloaded from this website (see below) or

Please ensure you have a  current SMS certificate as Membership has to be renewed annually.

If you have any questions  please contact the PSGHS office on 01835 822456 or e-mail 

29th July 2016