How to Join

How to Join as a Farmer

Farmers and horse owners may register to become a member of the Scheme at any time.
Membership is FREE for all farmers and horse owners.

To join simply call 01335 320014.

We will need the following information:

  • Contact Details
  • Business Name and Address (if different from contact details)
  • Address of Collections Points
  • Bank Account Details
  • Email Address if you have one
  • Type of Stock you wish to have collected
  • Holding Number

Lines are open 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Upon joining the scheme you will receive a copy of our Terms and Conditions, a copy of collector tariffs in your postcode area and a copy of the Members commitment document.

How to Join as a Collector

Registration of Collectors can only take place at specific points in the year.
If you are interested in becoming a collector, then please give us a call.
Call 01335 320024 or Email