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NFSCO roll out fallen stock collection App across Scotland

In today’s increasingly digital world, NFSCO (The National Fallen Stock Company) are confident that transitioning the fallen stock industry to digital technology is an inevitable step forward. Whilst recognising that a paperless system may not be everyone’s preference, NFSCO firmly believe that overall, the industry stands to benefit from a more streamlined and accurate approach compared to traditional paper-based methods. This conviction has led NFSCO to develop KoLeCt, a digital solution, aimed at enhancing the industry’s operations and record keeping.

NFSCO is delighted to announce significant strides in the expansion of its automated booking system, KoLeCt. Recently, a major milestone was achieved, with nearly 50% of all NFSCO fallen stock collections now being processed through KoLeCt. Notably, all NFSCO fallen stock collectors in Scotland have now adopted this collection system.

An integral part of KoLeCt is the member App which is now available as an alternative method of booking in fallen stock collections. The App allows farmers to book fallen stock collections conveniently, at any hour of the day or night. Additionally, it enables real-time tracking of collections and facilitates the recording of crucial tag numbers, which will then feature on all invoices and annual compliance statements. Moreover, the collection history remains accessible on the App for up to 90 days.

The Member App is readily available for download free of charge to all NFSCO members via the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android devices.

NFSCO remains committed to providing digital solutions like KoLCt to elevate efficiency and traceability within the fallen stock industry.

12th March 2024