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Making a Plan

To avoid making difficult decisions when feeling emotional we recommend making a euthanasia plan well before it is actually needed.  It may also be helpful to include your preferred collection options in circumstances where an equine dies a natural death.

We welcome your calls to help and support you through the planning process.  In addition there is excellent information available from equine charities to help you through this difficult time. Links to their websites are below:

World Horse Welfare – Just in Case

This initiative is designed to help guide you through equine end of life considerations.

Two leaflets are available, one to give the facts, and the other to help make a plan long before it is needed.

‘Just in Case: The Facts’ clearly and sensitively explains all aspects of the situation.

‘Just in Case: Owner’s Plan’ provides a clear form which can be completed in advance to show your preferred options and providers.

British Horse Society – Friends at the End

Friends at the End is designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone. You can contact our HQ based team for support via phone or email. Alternatively, you may prefer to request the face to face support of a local volunteer BHS Friend.

All of our Friends at the End team have received training from bereavement counsellors.  They have a genuine understanding of the loss and grief that come when a horse dies. They aren’t there to take the place of a counsellor or vet, but they can offer an extra source of support. More than 50 volunteer BHS Friends have attended training that help them to support horse owners through the difficult process of saying goodbye. Many are willing to be there on the day to offer support, and some will even hold the horse if the owner doesn’t feel able.

If you feel that you might benefit from talking to someone through the Friends at the End scheme contact:

BHS Welfare on 02476 840517 and they’ll put you in touch with your nearest BHS Friend.

Blue Cross – End of Life

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service. Losing a horse or pony can often be equated to losing a member of the family. It is important not to underestimate the grieving process, and the strength of feelings that you may feel once your horse has been put to sleep.

The Donkey Sanctuary –

The Donkey Sanctuary is an international welfare and rescue charity transforming the quality of life for donkey and mules worldwide.  The following web page will guide you through how to assess quality of life in the elderly donkey or mule;