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Collector standards

Professional Equine Operating Standards for The Equine End of Life Service Collectors

1) Animals will be handled with dignity whenever possible. However, please be aware that this can be challenging given the weight and size of equines, especially when getting them out of stables or other buildings. For example, removal will probably involve winching and lifting equipment in order to transfer the horse, pony, donkey or mule to the collection vehicle. If the customer or member of the public is present where possible it is advisable to cover the carcass when winching it on to the vehicle.

2) Collections are made promptly and usually within 24 hours of receiving a request, unless an alternative timeline has been requested or agreed with the owner.

3) The collection vehicle may arrive with previous collections on board. Special arrangements can be made for the collection vehicle to be empty for a single collection.

4) All vehicles must be covered and be leak-proof.

5) The collection vehicle, and the collector’s equipment, overalls, and footwear will be clean and hygienic.

6) Our collectors will comply with all relevant licensing and legislation, including the completion of the relevant Animal By-Products Regulation transfer document, which covers the collection and final destination premises, be it an incinerator, crematorium, or other processing plant. It will also include the movement of the ashes to the collector and their return to the owner, if applicable. The collector will retain one copy of this document for six years.

7) The transfer document will be completed with the owners’ full name, address and contact number, plus the horse, pony, donkey or mule’s name. The transfer document must accompany the equine at all times.

8) Unless previously agreed our collectors will use incinerators, other disposal plants or crematoria that can accommodate an equine in its entirety. All plants will be APHA approved.

9) At all times the person carrying out the collection will be sympathetic, compassionate and patient with the owner.

10) Any concerns or complaints from either the collector or the customer should be immediately brought to our attention in writing on or on (01335) 320030. There is the option for these calls to be recorded.